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Never Eat Shredded Wheat (A guide to the Stockholm districts).

Never Eat Shredded Wheat (A guide to the Stockholm districts).

Stockholm’s districts have their own individual styles, personalities and purposes. Below is my personal impression of them so far, I’m trying really hard to avoid saying “this bit’s like their Shoreditch and then over here is their version of Oxford Circus” so let’s see how we go…


The centre of town, filled with a bustling shopping district and a smattering of swanky hotel bars to rescue you from the cold. If you get the train or bus from any of the Stockholm Airports then you’re likely to arrive in Norrmalm at the Central Station.



East of Norrmalm (in my opinion they blur into each other rather seamlessly). This is the part of the city for when you’re ready to don your designer wardrobe and drink champagne with the Scandi fash pack.



The southern island known for its beanie hat wearing, beard oil buying, baby sling carrying hipster dads. Also home to a gorgeous Acne Studios store along with fabulous pubs, vintage shops and coffee houses. Oh and everyone here has a dog.



The island where you’ll find City Hall, a very pretty landmark where they host the Nobel Prize ceremony. You’ll also find the best views of Stockholm from across the water here. This island is particularly lovely in warmer weather as it’s got a great running trail, park and outdoor dining aplenty.



A tourist paradise, this island is home to several museums including the Vasa Museum and the Abba Museum (where else can you get two further ends of the spectrum so logistically close by?!). It’s got a theme park and you can take the commuter ferry over, which is a cute little adventure in itself.


Gamla stan

Translating to ‘Old Town’ in English, this gorgeous little island is super quaint and lovely. Even though it brushes shoulders with both Norrmalm and Soder, you’re completely oblivious when inside the old city walls and wandering up and down the wonky cobbled streets. It’s definitely worth a pootle around the souvenir shops here, and to soak up some traditional Swedish vibes.

Let's talk about SATS, baby...

Let's talk about SATS, baby...

A little intro to my new city...

A little intro to my new city...